Gossip Eagles Sign Vick. But Phillies Howard Eskin Has been Dogging Vick for Days

Everyone that watches football in the US has for days now wondered what team would take the major risk of signing Michael Vick; once the favorite son of the NFL, now a pariah. Vick the pariah just needed to find a team to risk signing him. One team. Sign him and he can hope to rebuild his name and wealth that he came to love before his mighty fall.

If you are not aware, Vick was convicted of dog fighting and cruelty to animals on an epic scale. He was jailed and kicked out of the NFL. Recently the commissioner of the NFL offered Vick a chance to return. The reality is Vick was a flashy player that drew attention and won games despite his less than hall of fame talent. The NFL is beholden to the mighty dollar. It was bound to happen, Vick would return.

But to the Eagles? Here is the irony. While Vick was shopping for a team, Philadelphia radio talk show personalty and self appointed "King" of sports Howard Eskin has been espousing the hell any team that signs Vick will encounter. Eskin's out-and-0ut hatred for Vick is what great fights are made of. He has attacked Vick so hard that he's divided the city on racial lines with his spin doctor words insisting that Vick deserves a second chance but only as a working man, not the NFL.

In the end, Eskin has single handedly made a war between himself and the fanbase of the Eagles along with Michael Vick of course. Sadly Eskin is a personality in his how right and has many mindless followers that never challenge him on air. Frankly if anyone does challenge Eskin, he resorts to shouting them down, cutting them off and insulting them on air.

Vick could not have arrived at a team more poised to stir up controversy with him every donning a uniform or taking a snap.
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