Gossip Victoria Beckham travels with Idol

victoriabecks Victoria Beckham travels with Idol

Is Victoria Beckham just a guest judge, or is she replacing Paula on American Idol?

That is the question This is the answer: no one knows.

Beckham was slated to be a guest judge this season and was present with the gang at the Denver auditions. Most guest judges only appear in one episode, but Victoria travelled to Boston, where the next auditions are to be held. Although she did not travel with the other judges, it is pretty clear that she went there for the next auditions.

Team Victoria says she was asked back because of how well the Denver auditions went. Her rep also said they are not in talks with the show to be a permanent judge. We hope this is true, because we heard a rumor and still have hope that Paula may return.

Would you like to see Victoria as a permamnent judge on Idol?

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