Top 10 most 'Searched' Bollywood Celebrities !

Katrina Kaif Tops Google's Zeitgeist list 2008. Is the most searched Bollywood celebrity on the Google Search Engine!
Katrina Kaif : Actor Katrina Kaif is gorgeous. Her past few films have performed well at the box office and the girl is enjoying her increasing popularity.
Aishwarya Rai : In spite of her change in marital status, this most beautiful woman in the world has lost her popularity.
Salman Khan : Actor Salman Khan's films may not be faring too well at the box office. But the lad still out-beats Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan in Google's Zeitgeist list (2008).
Hrithik Roshan : Actor Hrithik Roshan hasn't been on the scenes for a while now. Maybe that's the reason fans want to know what this handsome dude is upto.
Kareena Kapoor : Actor Kareena Kapoor is a hottie. Her size zero figure has raised eyebrows, and she has become Bollywood bindaas babe, what with her bikini clad avatar in Tashan.
Shahid Kapoor : Actor Shahid Kapoor's popularity comes from his 'chocolate boy' looks. The actor received many a sympathy vote when he broke up with actress Kareena Kapoor.
Deepika Padukone : Actor Deepika Padukone stole our hearts in Om Shanti Om . She's a looker, na, what to do! After being the chosen one for Shah Rukh Khan-starrer OSO , her debut film, the girl was known as a 'fast girl'.
Shah Rukh Khan : Surprise, surprise! We expected actor Shah Rukh Khan to be in the Top 5 at least... Anyway, the man has charm, wit and an impressive fan base, so much so that his film Rab NeBana Di Jodi has ensured serpentine queues at ticket counters.
Mallika Sherawat : Actor Mallika Sherawat is Controversy's Child. Though she has stayed away from the media for some time now, the lady has some loyal fans, who just can't get enough of her.
Genelia D'Souza : Actor Genelia D'Souza touched our hearts in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na .. Her pleasant demeanour and characterization has made her quite the next door girl.

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