The New “Swap My Designer Frock” Trend

Kate Moss goes for the same "swap my frock" trend as Sarah Jessica Parker.
What's a fashionista's worst nightmare? Quick, someone call Sarah Jessica Parker, she definitely has her own story to tell on this topic. And if you thought that the latest eco-friendly, ethical fashion trends have cured die-hard fashion-aficionado celebrities of their love of the exclusive, you were wrong – that hasn't happened (yet) and, by the looks of things, neither will it be happening for a while now. Celebrities love flaunting the finest, most revolutionary and innovative looks, and are often willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure they are the first ones to wear a certain dress style or sport a pair of the latest must-have shoes.

Kate Moss is known as a world-famous style icon. The highly mediated British supermodel is also known as a major-league trendsetter: whatever she touches usually turns to (designer) gold. Once Kate steps out sporting a particular look, in just a matter of weeks, millions of women will be craving the same hairdo and hair color, the same dress pattern and cut, the same shoes.

However, even style icons are sometimes caught off-guard, and there seems to be a veritable trend going around the select members of the true fashionistas' circle. It happened to Sarah Jessica Parker at her New York SATC premiere, and now it’s Kate’s turn: she stepped out in a designer dress that had already been worn on two previous occasions.

Moss came out for a glamorous night to celebrate the launch of her new fragrance "Velvet Hour" in a Marc Jacobs jeweled black minidress. What Kate apparently didn't know was that the gem-studded piece had been worn twice already – once by "Cruel Intentions" actress Selma Blair Marc at a Marc Jacobs catwalk show in New York four months ago, and the second time a few days afterwards, when Victoria Beckham – who had been photographed side by side with Blair at the fashion show – wore the exact same dress at a party at the Maritime Hotel.

And, of course, four months later, Kate Moss decided on wearing the same dress, apparently unaware of the fact that, on this particular occasion, she came off not so much as a trendsetter, but as a regular trend follower. Source

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